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A Creative Enlightenment

A Creative Enlightenment (ACE) is a training programme that was developed by a partnership between 8 universities in Scotland. The programme aims to bring together enterprising researchers (PhD students and Post-Doc researchers) from the arts and humanities together and provide training and network opportunities.

I was delighted to be brought on board through the University of Glasgow to manage the marketing of the first stage of the programme in Glasgow and Stirling from February to July 2013. As a current PhD student in the university who also runs her own business, I was very passionate about this programme – in helping researchers to think about different possibilities. We had a very short turn-over time and had to build everything, from the branding to the website structure and twitter account from scratch in about 1 months time.

The website is clean and simple, the prorgamme is running at its 2nd stage and still using the website.

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